It All Started With A Trip To The Beach

It started innocently enough with a road trip to Carmel in the spring of 2011 to visit family.  I loaded up the SUV with my stuff and a plethora of dog "stuff" -- two giant memory foam beds, three bowls, dog food & treats for two weeks, a king size coverlet, too many rolls of poop bags to count, dog brushes, leashes, collars, and beach towels.  


Declan and Shanley, my goldens, had always been water dogs -- but that was in Denver and it was in lakes, reservoirs, and indoor swimming pools.  I wasn't sure how they would take to the ocean, but my questions were answered the minute these two hit the beach.  They dove head first into the chilly Pacific Ocean and swam as if they had been living here all their lives.  That sealed the deal and we moved to Carmel in October 2011.  


In 2013, Carmel was named the Dog Friendliest Town in America and we couldn’t agree more! From our amazing off-leash dog beach at the end of Ocean Avenue to the pet-friendly restaurants, shops and hotels, Carmel has actually been a dog's paradise for years!   


We love to see all the dogs that come to Carmel on vacation and our goal is to help your humans plan their trip and get the most out of your stay! We also love being Carmel dogs and we want to share our town with you! Our mom wanted to make it easy for people visiting here with their pets so she created Carmel Dog Concierge.


Being Concierges, we do it all! We offer a variety of info and services for both tourists and local businesses.


           Dog Friendly Hotels, Restaurants and Shops


           Dog Friendly Activities


           Custom Ordered Birthday Pupcakes 


           Dog Walking, Hotel Visits, Dog Sitting


           Creature Comforts of Home "rentals"

Check us out and let us know if you have any questions about visiting Carmel!  We are always happy to chat!

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