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Renting the Creature Comforts

Traveling with dogs can be stressful - getting the dog beds into the car can be hairy (especially if you have a shedder!), remembering to bring blankets to cover the hotel beds (most hotels will charge an extra cleaning fee if your dog gets on the bed and leaves hair on the comforters), and bringing along food and water bowls.  And being a dog friendly can also bring it's own stresses.

As a dog-friendly hotel, you want to be able to welcome the guest AND their dog to your property — and make them both so comfortable that they return time and again.


While your hotel is dog-friendly to accommodate all visitors, you also know that being dog-friendly may come with certain
issues or problems:

     How do you ensure the dog beds being brought into the hotel by guests are clean?

     How do you keep the dog hair in the hotel rooms to a minimum?

     How do you keep the comforters and quilts on your beds clean?

     How do you keep your carpets and tile floors clean with food and water bowls on them?

     How can you make the dog comfortable at night?

     How can your hotel make it easy for a  guest to come to Carmel with their furry friend?

We know that being a dog-friendly hotel can increase your housekeeping costs and time.  Not every dog owner brings a newly laundered dog bed into the hotel room.  They don’t necessarily bring an extra coverlet to put on the bed so as to keep the hotel’s quilts clean.  They sometimes use the hotel’s towels to put under the dog’s food and water bowls — and even to sometimes clean off the dog after a long day at the beach!  And if they forgot the food and water bowls, they sometimes take the bowls from your breakfast area and use those for their dog.  

While most Carmel hotels would love to make these amenities available to all their guests, the reality is that you don't always have dogs staying each night at the hotel and you probably don't have the space to store all these creature comforts -- and probably don't want to wash dog beds along with your hotel bedding.

Here is where Carmel Dog Concierge can help!  


We will provide your guests with the “complete package” when they check in:

     Freshly laundered dog bed, specific to dog size (and when possible, dog’s needs — bolster, memory foam, etc).

     Food and Water Bowl Set (includes a mat)

     Coverlet to place over the hotel’s bed

     Doggie Welcome Goodie Bag (including a list of dog-friendly restaurants, where to go with your dog, Miss Valentine's dog treats,        and a roll of poop bags)

With a minimum 24 hour notice, you let us know the arrival and departure date, size dog bed, and coverlet size — and we will deliver it to the hotel.  And when the guest checks out, we will pick up the items.  It couldn’t be any easier than that!


We can provide a 5-star experience for your guest’s pampered pooch with the Complete Package from Carmel Dog Concierge.  As a hotel, you can rest assured in having clean dog beds and coverlets delivered each time without having to store the items yourself or launder them. 

Hotels can order the "complete package" on a nightly basis, but we also offer monthly flat rates depending on the average amount of dog nights you have.  Give us a call and let's chat about how we can help your hotel provide a 5-star experience for your furry guests!

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