Dog Walking
Dog Walking Rates

$25/hour for one dog

                                      $30/hour for two dogs

Dog Sitting Rates

$25/hour for one dog

                                      $35/hour for two dogs

As much as you love your dogs, there are times when you don't have the time or opportunity to get your pup out for some much needed exercise.  Or maybe you are going to be gone for several hours and just want your dog to be able to hang out.  This is where we can help!

We provide both dog walking and sitting services and will cater to your needs.  We can walk your dog "solo" or they can walk with Declan, our golden retriever (who is an "all business" walker).  Our walks are offered in one hour increments, but we will walk your dog for however long you prefer -- when we are done with the walk, we also refresh the water bowl and do a little post-walk cuddle with your pup to help them relax and get settled in.  We will also leave a note to let you know how they did and give them a treat (with your permission, of course!).  

Carmel offers great walking options, too, which can cater to your dog's fitness level and needs.  We will talk with you to see what type of walk you would prefer -- a flat, slow-paced walk or if you want us to tackle some hills.  For your dog's safety, we will not walk your dog off leash.  

And even though Carmel has an amazing off-leash dog beach, we will not take visiting dogs down to the off-leash beach.  We are happy to walk your dog along Scenic Drive, but we don't want to take any risks with your dog being around other unfamiliar dogs and going out into the surf.  

If your dog needs more than just a one hour walk, we can also accommodate your dog at our house, with its fully fenced in yard and multiple terraced decks (that can also be closed off for easier containment).  We only take up two dogs at a time to ensure proper attention and affection can be given to them.

Hotel Visits
Hotel Visit Rate


Most of the area hotels do not allow for you to leave your dog alone in the hotel room, so sometimes you may have a need for someone to simply hang out at the hotel with your dog while you shop or play golf at Pebble Beach!

We provide hotel visits -- where we can stop by your hotel and either check in on your dog for you or we can spend an hour (or four) with your dog at the hotel.  Hotel visits can also be combined with a dog walk, too!  But if you have a pup who may not need a walk and instead just needs someone to cuddle with them for a few hours, then give us a call!

Kennel & Day Care

If you do find yourself in need of a kennel or doggie day care while in town, here are some additional great places we recommend:

Yippee! Doggy Daycare

571 E. Franklin Street (Monterey)



Dawg Gone It

539 Ramona Avenue

Monterey, CA



Home Away From Home

1231 Tenth Street

Monterey, CA



Casa de Amigos Animal Hotel

715 Foam Street

Monterey, CA



Oxton Kennels

400 River Road

Salinas, CA 


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